Day Rooms for Business

dayrooms for business people travelingA prominent business executive and loyal customer who often travels for work and uses Day Rooms for business whenever he travels gave a few tips for successful, stress-free business travel, and why he chooses!

Traveling for work? Your flight touches down, and you have many hours to wait before an important business meeting. Playing the waiting game in an unfamiliar city is stressful, especially if you need to get your documents or a presentation together, and prepare yourself, or your team, for the meeting.

What to do while waiting? There are a few options available to you on how to pass your time before your work engagement.



You could wait at the airport until your meeting. Transportation is readily available, and there are plenty of places to spend the time, but good luck finding a quiet place set up, review your documents and to prepare! The airport is typically a loud and hectic place. Constant announcements, foot traffic and people talking is very distracting, especially if you are trying to focus. After a day of this, arriving to your meeting could leave you fatigued and unprepared for the concentration required to deliver your presentation effectively. Yes, airport is not the best option.


Coffee Shop

You could go to a coffee shop, and wait there until it is time to do business. A coffee shop is a bit quieter than the airport, and there is a chance you could take advantage of some free Wi-Fi. In reality, all the activity going but it still does not allow you to adequately prepare for a meeting, especially if you a part of a larger team. Also, unless you are lucky enough to find a coffee shop within walking distance to your business destination, transportation could become a problem, and you could run the risk of being late.


Straight to Meeting

You could go directly to the meeting location, and request that the meeting be moved up, or wait. While that option may be the most convenient for you, it still does not give you time to relax, shake off the stress of travel, and prepare for the meeting. Also, it puts the people you are meeting with in an awkward and uncomfortable position by forcing them to accommodate you via changing their work schedule. This risks creating a bad impression to your colleagues or potential clients right from the start.

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