Day Rooms for Family

 hotel-family-roomTraveling with family and kids can be a hectic and stressful experience. Long layovers between flights or waiting for a late flight after an early disembarkation from a cruise ship can leave even the most organized families in disarray.

Day Rooms are perfect for families on the go who are looking for a place to stop, drop off luggage, regroup and relax before the next leg of their journey. Moms, Dads and families everywhere choose!

What should you and your family do to spend the time while in an unfamiliar city? There are a few choices available:


Long Layover

We’ve all had them. Even if you didn’t originally plan on a long layover at the airport, a delayed or cancelled connecting flight due to bad weather or any number of other unforeseen emergencies can leave you and your family stranded for hours. If you are traveling with small children or elders, the long wait can be that much more taxing to the entire family.

Of course, instead of waiting at the airport, you can always choose to take your family sightseeing or shopping in the city you are stuck in. It is a great option if you are traveling light, and the weather is cooperating. Unfortunately, most of the time, traveling with family involves big, bulky bags and luggage that you and other members of your family will have to carry with you anywhere you go. Having to carry all your bags is not only extremely inconvenient, but also exponentially increases the chances of losing luggage!


Cruise Vacation

Cruise ships typically arrive at port early in the morning. Port Everglades Cruise Port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for example, usually starts the disembarkation process for cruise ship passengers at 7:00 AM. The process of the entire cruise ship worth of vacationers getting cleared by customs and welcomed back to the United States is a long and arduous one. Sometimes, it takes many hours for you to make your way from the ship to the port exit. By the time the process is over, the thought of having to wait many hours more at the airport is not one any family wants to entertain.

Just like a long layover at the airport, your options are to simply wait at the loud, busy airport or go sightseeing and shopping. Fort Lauderdale offers plenty of beaches and excellent shopping destinations that are much better enjoyed without having to carry all your luggage with you.

Instead of waiting at the airport or taking in the local sights with all your luggage in tow, a day room with a Fort Lauderdale hotel can mean the difference between a ruined vacation, and a great one! Drop off your stuff and go explore South Florida with the entire family, or relax in the room, and recharge after a long and inconvenient disembarkation process.


Day Rooms are the Answer!

A hotel room for the day can be a life saver for a family stranded in an unfamiliar city. A day room gives you all the perks of a hotel room without the price of an overnight stay! Instead of spending hours waiting at the airport, enjoy a freshly-prepared, quiet hotel room with clean sheets, pillows and towels. Some Fort Lauderdale hotels even offer free transportation to and from the cruise port and airport! While at the hotel, you can relax, watch TV and take a break from the hassles of travel. Your kids can take a much-needed nap and have a place to get cleaned up and changed. If you are in an adventurous mood, a day room is a perfect place to drop off your luggage, change, and go exploring!

Book with us today! As we say, a day room is much better for your family than waiting at the airport!

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