Day Rooms for Travel

family at airport luggage.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smartRegardless of the reason for travel, being stuck in an unfamiliar city due to a late connection, a flight cancellation or delay is problematic. Some airlines will try to get you hotel room accommodations if they are at fault for the cancellation or delay, but if reason for your travel delay is a different airline, a train or a ship, you are most likely on your own.

Also, even if the airline is at fault, if your delay does not carry overnight, they are unlikely to get you a hotel room. Day Rooms are a perfect place to wait out the inconvenient delays of travel. Find out why travelers from all over the globe choose!

Book with us today! As we say, a day room is much better than waiting at the airport!


After the Big Game

You flew halfway across the country to watch your team pummel your division rival, and got everything you could hope for! Now that the game is over, you are exhausted, weary and ready to relax, change into slightly more presentable clothing and get back home. However, a late flight has you in limbo — you have many hours of waiting around in an unfamiliar city wearing the same colors you wore to the stadium to support your team. Enjoy the win by rewarding yourself with a day room! Priced at only a fraction of the cost of an overnight hotel room, a day room is a perfect place for you to relax, take a shower, change and get ready for the flight home.


Long Connection & Delays

Those who travel frequently, either for business or for pleasure, are fully aware of the nightmare of long connections and flight delays. As advanced as commercial aviation technology is today, even the latest tech cannot control the weather. If a massive storm blanketed the area, be prepared to wait. Even after the storm cleared up, the domino effect of delayed flights can create additional wait times of many hours. Instead of pacing around at the airport, enjoy all the amenities of a hotel room at a fraction of the cost — grab yourself a day room and turn an unfortunate delay into a chance to relax and unwind in comfort!


Save on Transportation!

A hotel room for the day is not only a perfect way to spend your time waiting out a travel delay, it is also a great way to save money! For example, some Fort Lauderdale hotels offer free transportation to and from the Port Everglades, the local cruise port and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International airport (FLL)! Without having to go out-of-pocket on transportation between airports, cruise ports and your hotel room, a comfortable, convenient day room becomes even more ideal!

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