Day Rooms for Cruise

Dayrooms for cruiseCruise vacations are a great way to see multiple, exotic destinations on one trip, all while being whisked away from port to port in a luxurious floating hotel with world-class dining and entertainment.

Unfortunately, as is the case with all great vacations, one day, they must come to an end. That day usually winds up being a stressful and tiring marathon of disembarking from the ship, going through Customs, waiting at the port for transportation, and waiting even longer at the airport for your flight home. Don’t make the last day your great vacation a bad one — Day Rooms are perfect for families, couples and any other cruise adventurer who is looking for a place to stop, store luggage and relax before a flight home. Discover why cruise vacationers choose!

port everglades passengers

Up and Out Early

Cruise vacations are packed with fun activities, great dining and just about everything you need to recharge your batteries relax! Unfortunately, to prepare the ship for the next cruise route, cruise ships typically arrive at port very early in the morning. Port Everglades Cruise Port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, starts the disembarkation process for cruise ship passengers at 7:00 AM. Needless to say, getting up so early and waiting in a long, slow-moving snaking line with all your luggage in tow is not fun after an entire cruise vacation’s worth of late nights and fun! If you happen to arrive at your final port destination along with another cruise ship, expect to wait even longer — processing 6,000 to 10,000 American and foreign passengers takes a long time, even for the most efficient of Customs officers.


Waiting Game

Once you finally make your way out the port, you are faced with yet another setback! If you have a late flight, you have to wait hours in an unfamiliar city. You can make your way to the airport, and wait there, or you can take these few hours to take in the sights, sounds and tropical weather of South Florida. If you choose option B, you have nowhere to put your luggage, and sightseeing with your bags and luggage in tow is not very convenient.


Day Rooms to the Rescue!

A hotel room for the day is the perfect recipe for relief of travel-related stress and preventing a hectic last day from ruining an amazing cruise vacation! A day room gives you all the comforts of a hotel room without the price of a full, overnight stay. Instead of spending hours waiting at the airport, or carrying your luggage around town, enjoy a prepared, quiet hotel room where you can undo the stress of disembarkation, change into winter clothing if flying North in the winter months, or drop off your luggage and go out on the town to squeeze the last few hours of tropical vacation from your stay! Some Fort Lauderdale hotels even offer free shuttle transportation to and from the cruise port and airport, saving you even more hassle and money

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