A Dayroom is:

A hotel room for a few hours in the daytime where you enjoy all the amenities of a hotel

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at  Dayroomstay.com you can make bookings easily, even on the same day.
To guide you and ensure we meet your every request, you can filter your search by selecting a number of criteria:
Location? Let us know which city, area, precise place or hotel you are looking for
We will show you a list of hotels with available rooms in the area, you choose your rooms and make your reservation


Once you have found what you’re looking for, simply confirm your booking on the email we will send you. You can request extra amenities or special requirements at some hotels, you will find a section on the form for those requests
To ensure privacy, Dayroomstay.com offers the possibility to confirm your reservation without creating a guest account, using just an email address and a telephone number as well as your name. but if you use Dayroomstay.com regularly, you can create a guest account .This account will give you access to your booking history, change or cancel bookings easily as well as see and manage upcoming bookings.
we guarantee total privacy. No bank details are needed upon booking.

Have Fun!

Once you arrive at the hotel, present your booking number and name at the front desk
You will pay for your room directly at the hotel when you check in, by card or in cash.
Enjoyed your stay? Time to hand in your keys and check out!